Monday, April 27, 2009

kris kristofferson - jesus was a capricorn

dont act like you know country if you dont know country. this record goes hard!

1 jesus was a capricorn
2 nobody wins
3 it sure was (love)
4 sugar man
5 help me
6 jesse younger
7 give it time to be tender
8 out of mind, out of sight
9 enough for you
10 why me

download right hurrr

-black belt micah


ezPz said...

Fill-tee post pimpin, I jut read some article about dude in Rolling Stone the other day. I got mad respect for how has conducted his life. Homies with Willie Nelson, so how couldn't he be tight?

ezPz said...

Capricorn's holdin it down, they got me, MLK, and JESUS!?!