Monday, May 18, 2009

Ghosting at night

so I am a little bored and my cat comes by and wants to go outside. At first I say no because there have been lots of raccoons and shit around killing cats and our dude is a little soft. But I get bored and figure I will follow him for fun.

I let him out and first he just cruises the yard. Slowly expanding. I follow him, it's hard to see at first and my steps are loud. I can only see him as a shape with his white spots catching the light occasionally, no sound from his movement as he lopes out of the yard up a driveway.

As I go with him I watch the way he walks, striding smoothly almost bouncing. As I focus on his pads hitting the ground I can start to pick out the small sound he made at the moment of impact, my ears start feeling finely tuned.

Also I notice as I follow along at like 7 steps behind Chuck that my steps grow quieter and eventually we move out of the driveway and down the block at a steady ghostly stride. He starts smelling grass and his tail gets agitated. I watch him and he starts back the other way. I silently glide behind him until he stops, smelling the air.

As a natural reaction to his alertness I scan the nearby area and across our street down the block a pair of small coyotes lope from behind a set of parked cars down the sidewalk. Chuck watches like a sniper, although I'm unsure what he will do if they close. I see one cut across the street toward us and the other continue towards us on the other side.

I feel a territorial rage that is strange.Maybe it is protective because I know Chuck could be these dogs food fairly easily unless he is faster than I think. Either way I stride up past my cat as he watches me and I move toward the middle of the two coyotes in the street. 1 then the other see's me and starts a slow retreat. From somewhere a low growl starts in my throat and I move forward quickly growling and accelerating. I chase them at near full speed for a block until they reach a nearby shallow woodland. I chase them to the edge then throw a few more rocks as I hear them retreat through the underbrush.

I head back, retrieve Chuck and take him inside.

I finally got my baby!!!

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