Sunday, June 15, 2008

15.6.2008: arrival

it took forever to get her. 4 flights + 3 layovers = 30 hrs ouch.


i found this super awesome drawing in houston and it rocked my world:

and now i know how to draw lobsters. yes!

i love flying

cusco from the plane:

aaand cusco! (lots more pictures of the city later)

first of all, the kids in cusco are supa dope. they are your friends before you ever even meet them, like the 2 year old that started climbing on my leg while ill talked to her grandma (in spanish... yes!)

the illest (/only) skater in cusco. style points for days.

heres a picture of a lady jammin on some grub at this party. im not sure if i was invited, but this guy said he liked my hair, so i guueesss that was my invitation. p.s. peruvians love/laugh at/are definately not used to afros


i cant even begin to explain how dope peru is. everything i see blows my mind. its beautiful. the people are really friendly. theres stray dogs everywhere (one of them was wearing a cardigan, he was my favorite). the key board has awesome symbols like this upside down question mark ¿ well thats all for now. theres so much amazing to try and describe here so ill let it come out in pictures and stories over the next 2 months. ciao for now.


Kaffren said...

those are the most awesome lobsters i have ever seen in my entire life. i really hope you don't mind if i use that design in my side walk chalk seascape i'm doing today.

Juan said...

awesome stuff micah... what are you doing down there?

Emma said...

i like how many times you use the word dope..... ;)

A said...

thank you.for this great intro to peru...i cannot wait to see what is to come...

Ashley said...

that's freakin' awesome, man.

RockyT said...

wicked beginning...keep us posted.

jon said...

lobster art is big in my city. glad you got to experience it.

awesome pictures bro. amazing stuff.

you just made it on my fave blog list.

mien said...

wow 30 hrs?? thats bonkers!!! but the pics looks reaaaaal nice..are you still getting lost??

Georgie Girl said...

Are you down there by yourself or do you have a crew? that kids skateboard looks pretty raw