Thursday, June 12, 2008

pre-peru shakedown

hi friends, this my peru blog. read it all the time. akchuahlly it will probably be mostly pictures, so look at it all the time.

this is what i think peru will look like:

this is how i feel about going to peru:

this is how i think they dress in peru:

this looks like my friend jamal, he will not be in peru:

this is my favorite musical artist from peru:

this is a picture that i like, i will look at it in peru:

i guess these are just a bunch of pictures i found on my computer to do a test blog. i leave this friday the 13th. tune in later!

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miiicah said...

commentiiinngg anybody can do iiitt!

mom said...

im not going to miss you

Al said...

woah, i already know your gon have lots of funn! stay off the illegals

RockyT said...

that picture of you looks just like how the teachers dressed at JO's graduation--FREAKY!!!

Anonymous said...


naenae said...

Hey lil cuz! I am glad u r having so much fun...the hair will be a great ice you'll need u lots..Big cuz Nae'Nae'

Anonymous said...

just ck''s evra'thang?
you being the super star you were destined to be? how is hair working out for your favor..raiight! lots of love!

naenae said...

Opps that was me..not anonymous-about the super star you are destined to B! nae'nae'bimfvss

Sam said...

sweet pictures. hope you keep updating. i'm looking forward to your stories.

Nae' Nae' said...

whats up with the gas pic of Shell?? Whats the subliminal msg-man! That is a great evening shot..looks cool..the festivies look like a big-o partii!
Keep the pics coming...get ur self in there with them...

ANDREW said...

micah micah micah... bring me home a pet perussiannn kid.

tommy said...

photo of the kids drawing is the best

Heather "skatebus driver number one" Stone said...

ahahahaha micah that was the best, those are great drawings

this is heather and al! we're gonna paint your bike glow in the dark! thats what bikes are like in peru

Antoine said...

cool pics!!!Wish I am there to help U :)
U Rock !!Big Cousin!