Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I <3 Andy!!!

I used to go to the roller night at the local church in a small town. Shit was off the hook. I'd rollerblade across town dodging cops and making free phone calls to the sex numbers on pay phones before arriving there as the dusk settled and the lights glowed from the long fogged windows.

Inside there was always music bumping, but it had to be PC non-offensive rock, maybe some beastie boys or sumn. oldies were always the best, loved it if they played a funk cutttt. But we would tear the wooden floor up smashin around in a circle during free skate. They would cut the lights(wow did they really I guess they did haah) and give everyone a glow necklace or stick. We'd fly around this shit, I guess there must've been blacklights. But we'd fly around this shit mach speed glowing like the movie Tron or something. Then go play some NBA Jam if our ankles got sore or some shit from all the damn G forces!!! I'd always pick the Blazers cuz they were the team. They even sent Blazer goods to our small ass town from Portland!!! Clyde Drexler was my hero ;)

I should start my own roller discohall, skateboards allowed!!!!!

Something I like to do is read reviews or comments about Funk music on the internet. Funk music fans are so much more excited about their music. They say things like...

'This sound can make me climb any mountan, Pure Funk energy !!'

But I guess there is usually a good reason


I'm feelin Money Ain't Nuthin remix ;;;;D

Jim Jones "Spring Break". (Herfection.com) from herfection on Vimeo.


T Reynolds said...

Props on those tracks homie

You might like this shit right here


He got a lot of good old school funk

ezPz said...

thanks mang, good lookin out always love listenin to some new funk ;)