Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marketing 101
People don't just want the product, they want the experience of getting the product.


Recent Cam’ron DJ Drama Intv:

Drama: For my album, I want to do a Cam & Gucci Mane song. Do you know how that would kill the hood?
Cam’ron: I just did a song called Cookies & Apple Juice. Gucci Mane get out on March 13th. Joie went to see him, [Gucci's] getting on it March 14th. We’ll make sure to give it you immediately. Gucci- much love, we’ll see you when get out.. he asked for me.

WesFif twitter:

My promoter homeboy just told me Gucci startin at 28K, and has no Fridays or Saturdays available for 3 months after he gets out. booked up

Cookies and Apple Juice featuring Gucci Mane will be a hit(prediction)

Could be a nice way to spend an afternoon too. Maybe I'll sneak in cookies and apple juice when I see "The Watchmen"...

DC Comics needs to send me some merch for pluggin their shit. Holla at me via the blog already suckaz

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