Tuesday, March 3, 2009

three six mafia - kings of memphis underground vol. 3

don't be stupid! put THIS on your ipod! if you want to go hard in the street then you need this so bad. its that shoot-someone-in-the-face-and-eat-their-brains-in-the-moonlight music... wisen up

1. Talkin
2. Fu*k What U Heard
3. M.E.M.P.H.I.S
4. Da Summa
5. Smokin on da Dro
6. Powder
7. Grab tha Gauge
8. Wonabees
9. Lock Down
10. Jealous Azz B*tch
11. Niggaz Down 2 Make Some Endz
12. South Memphis B*tch
13. Pass That Junt
14. Love to Make a Stang
15. Sleep
16. Mind State

get it


-black belt micah

1 comment:

perskii said...

I love how they don't even know the name of the albums they are promoing :D