Tuesday, February 10, 2009

diplomats vol 1 and 2

oh boy oh oby

if you please, if you please, baby. say to my you he did not forget about these. thus far the family of diplomats now falls apart, you must recall back in the bottom, when it is brought nothing but purely cocaine. forever dipset! this go for all the money get it.

diplomats vol 1
2.oh boy
3.ambitions of a killa
5.dial m 4 murder
6.come home with me
9.facts of life
10.ball out remix
11.ruff ryders
13.get money
15.maria maria
16.stan remix
sweet baybay!!

diplomats vol 2
yee big baby!!
1.interview intro
3.hate me now
4.show you how remix
5.i really mean it
6.bout it bout it
7.i love you
8.santana the great
9.im ready
11.this is what i do
12.one for peedi crack
13.pain and agony
14.first of the month
15.oh girl
16.dip extravaganza
17.here we go
18.showyou how
19.calico bonus track

vol 3-5 in future post! calico calicooooooooooooooooo

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