Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My question is...

is this site implying that I watched dumb TV shows when I was a kid. ANd that I'm dumb for liking that lame aaassssss song that the green ranger(later white ranger) Tommy with the goddamn ponytail eh? And man don't even bring up TMNT(Abbrev.) O.K.!! ?

This might force me to make my custom credit card with this on it...

AND I JUST ORDERED THESE, SUKK DEZ NIAZUTUS, Kokaro Miyazaki, I also bought a trapper keeper like this
For like 3 dollars, and look at this insane conversation?

The lady at the Kangeroo and Kiwi thought it was a computer, and she was all like her nice australian accent..."Is that a compuutah?". I wanted to be like "Nay sheila". But I don't want to offend australians by imitating their accent, even though...I really want to every damn time dammit ha

Deleted link for earlier question...sorry very bad computering going on here

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