Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste

Hey you assemble in operation l' affirming agent, leave behind your telephone bag in the house my, and it is material of proof clearly your enormous. To hum sounded often invited to move l' moved away in my me for my space being 3. It will obtain or me it will increase my jean jusqu' out of wood with the basin current plunging. C' is the test. I later well something, to have the promise!

(Actual question from do you think about men wearing tan pantyhose with shorts, and shaved legs?uou

(news)Shoot yourself in the head with a BB gun, thats five taserin's

We need those pics from our ride to UW from j-dawg

I am confused, just checked my old email and I had this link, where I apparently(or my youtube account) was deboing this lady in the 2nd comment down :D Don't think it was me though since I don't know who Stainslaw Lem is tho...

And finally...if you feel like a laughin, here some Chappelle standup in England from 07'

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